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Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

While Vacuuming and dusting may be part of your weekly cleaning routine, these basic methods invariably leave dirt and dust behind, and no amount of regular cleaning can capture every dust mite your home produces. As such, much of that dust and dirt ends up in your air ducts. What's worse is this same dust and dirt continues to recirculate over and over again,  with the dust continuing to accumulate inside your ducts even while it's redistributed throughout your home.


This constant cycle of dust accumulation and redistribution can have serious effects on your home's cleanliness and your family's health. Constantly re-circulated allergens will irritate allergy suffers throughout the year, even when their allergies are not in season (like pollen and weed allergies). Additionally, people with compromised respiratory systems may experience difficulty breathing in homes with high dust quantities. With Frick Air Duct Cleaning, you can significantly reduce the amount of dust and dirt and your air ducts, which can lead to better indoor air quality in your home.    Call Frick Carpet Cleaning to make an appointment and change your home's air quality today.


"The quote was less than what we had previously paid.  I hired him on the spot!  He began work immediately.  He was clean, respectful, and efficient.  The carpets turned out fantastic! Thank you Don."

- Tom S. of Cortland

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