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Protect your fabrics with Scotchgard

You can prevent slips, spills, and accidents from ruining your carpeting and other fabrics. Get Scotchgard protection and you'll have peace of mind.


It's possible to reduce the risk of spills becoming stains when you have professionally applied protection.


Let us provide a deep level of clean first

The first step is to always get the carpeting or fabrics as clean as possible. With our exceptional workmanship, we'll get the job done properly. Get treatment that removes pet stains and other stains from your fabrics thoroughly.


We only use the most advanced equipment that utilizes high pressure steam to clean surfaces and deep layers of your carpeting. This fast drying solution is highly effective. Then, after a full cleaning, you can get Scotchgard applications.

Expect affordable rates

You'll always get an affordable rate for any service, including Scotchgard services. Call us now for a fast, convenient appointment.

Keep your fabric fresh

- Upholstery cleaning

- All types of carpets

- Mattress protection

- Oriental rugs


"He did a fantastic job and his price was lower than anyone I have previously hired. I will be hiring him again! Thanks Don."

- Pam S. of DeKalb

Get a FREE quote on Scotchgard

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